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“Digital transformation for youth organizations" is a journey with many stops and continuous learning. It was developed  to introduce youth organisations to the digital age and to train them to acquire their own digital footprint, which will have multiplier benefits in the impact of the Programme. Through the training. stakeholders will learn more about digital tools and good practices on how to have a more successful online presence.

Aims & objectives
  • To empower youth organisations and their representatives (who have basic or limited technological training) to be digital.
  • To enable the autonomy of Youth organisations while saving resources, as they will not have to outsource technical tasks and outputs to external experts. 
  • To facilitate access of youth organisations in rural areas to decentralized technical and technological education services.
  • To establish a cooperation network and exchange of good practices.
  • To strengthen the pillars of empowerment, engagement and connection of the new Youth policy of the EU.
  • To contribute to the digital action plan of the EU commission, via a thorough and affordable training program.

Course facilitators: Antonela Kotsoni, Carmine Rodi, Panagiotis Antonopoulos
Course provider: Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation - INEDIVIM - ΙΝΕΔΙΒΙΜ
Supporting officer: Apostolos Alexiadis 
Course language: English
Learning's recognition: Youthpass certificate