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      Open your own, unique online course! Organisation implementing Erasmus+ Youth or European Solidarity Corps projects, National Agencies and SALTO Resource Centres find sustainable and user-friendly space for their online courses at HOP, adjusted to the context of non-formal learning.

      Read our articles, stories and insights from different corners of online learning in the youth work field. 

      Follow the HOP Facebook page, where we republish various materials from English speaking sources about online learning, curated for the needs of youth workers and facilitators.

      Listen to HOP podcast episodes, interviews with stakeholders of the online learning in the youth work field.

  Learners, participants of the courses at HOP platform are invited to join the dedicated FB group. It is a space to network, inspire and share everything that goes beyond one course.

   Authors and facilitators of courses at HOP can find colleague support and space to share ideas while preparing and running your course(s) at HOP platform at this professional FB group.

    General news and announcements related to overall performance of the HOP platform are published at HOP noticeboard and depending how you set your notification, you might also receive it on your e-mail.

    Have you encountered any difficulties in HOP platform’s performance? Do you have any suggestions how we can improve general experience of users at the HOP? Please share it with us via

Last modified: Wednesday, 6 April 2022, 12:39 PM