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Embrace the digital future, amplify your impact, and ensure that your initiatives under the European Solidarity Corps resonate in today's interconnected world.


  1. To explore the essentials of digital youth work and its relevance to the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) projects.

  2. To discover how digital transformation contributes to the enhancement of youth work quality and other priorities of the ESC.

  3. To familiarise oneself with digital tools that support the preparation and implementation of ESC projects.

  4. To define a digitalisation strategy for organisations and projects undertaken by course participants.

How this course can be valuable for you?

  • This course will help to deepen your understanding of digital transformation and review your organisation's practices in managing ESC projects.
  • You will learn various digital tools for project management, communication and engagement of volunteers and communities
  • You will have the opportunity to discover some good digital practices across Europe and decide on ways to enhance your organisation’s work by using digital solutions.

The course will consist of 3 online training sessions, each lasting 3,5 hours.

The first two sessions will take place on 21-22 November and the third one on the 11th December. In between the second and third sessions, you will have time to choose and decide which online solutions you would like to test.

There will be a support online space on the HOP platform to explore various digital resources and tools, which will remain available for your disposal at any time after the course.