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EUtopia? is a 4-part youth work lab dealing with diversity practice in youth work. 
It explores the experiences of young people in Europe in the context of multiple crises, and develops new tools and approaches to address the diversity-related challenges stemming from them. 
The lab consists of an on-line learning module, two residential labs and a practice project.

EUtopia? Diversity in a Changing Europe is a creative, analytical and critical learning experiment which brings new life to old concepts.
It (1) explores the complex and diverse realities of young people in a changing Europe and (2) prepares youth workers to better respond to those realities by applying values-based perspective of diversity and reshaping their youth work practices.

In 2020, the learning process will last for seven months. It will be comprised of four elements:
1st part: Home Lab for Introduction – online learning process on HOP consisting of 24 hours of individual work from August to October
2nd part: Lab for Critical Analysis – challenging and exploring concepts in Albania, from 5th to 11th of October 2020
3rd part: Piloting Lab for Creativity and Experimentation – activities implemented by participants in their local communities
4th part: Designing Lab – creating new tools and approaches in Latvia, from 2nd to 7th of February 2021

Here is a brief video about EUtopia from its 5th edition in 2018: