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The training course is a blended capacity building activity on how to ensure local impact and local engagement of young people taking part in European and international mobilities through effective follow-up strategies. It is based on the collected best practices and on the results of the research performed by the consortium.

Together, the 20 youth workers will analyse the feedback and inputs from the research phase and they will discuss and share their own expertise on the local impact of learning mobilities and on possible and efficient follow-up strategies and activities. They will analyse the barriers that stop young people from engaging at the local level, and will devise strategies and solutions on how to overcome them. A participatory approach and NFE methodologies will be used.

The objectives of the training
• to identify the gaps in the existing follow-up strategies;
• to revise existing practices and reflect on how to improve them;
• to ponder about the new obstacles that emerged with COVID-19 pandemic
• to consider the real needs of local communities;
• to understand the needs of the young people after the learning mobilities;
• to ideate on how to keep young people’s curiosity, engagement and motivation alive and how to channel it into local participation processes;
• to reflect on which specific measures and systems should be put in place to engage disadvantaged youth in this process;
• to correct and improve the follow-up platform, which is an output of the project
• to devise strategies to apply and replicate positive and effective follow up strategies/practices

Last update: November 2020
Course author and manager:  Mateusz Hoffmann & Aleksandra Maldžiski
Course provider:  Active Bulgarian SocietyDYPALL Network
Course language: English
Requirements: participation in online training "Follow Up! Level Up" (the course supports the ongoing activity)
Target group: youth workers and youth trainers
Learning's recognition: a badge, a youth pass certificate

The training is a part of a project “Level Up! Life After Mobility” under Erasmus+ KA205 - Strategic Partnerships for youth - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Youth workers mobility. The outcomes of the training will serve as a resource to review and improve the follow-up platform, which is currently under development and will be an Intellectual Output of the project.