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A training for trainers and learning facilitators that want to upskill in online e-learning environments, organised by the Hellenic National Agency of Erasmus + Youth & European Solidarity Corps.
The training will focus on transferring the necessary competences to professionals and volunteers that work with non-formal and experiential learning online.

A training course organised by the Hellenic National Agency of Erasmus + Youth & European Solidarity Corps that will take place through online ZOOM meetings and the use of the SALTO HOP Platform (moodle). Its format consists of asynchronous and synchronous moments within the period of 19th of November to 17th of December.

The online condition that took over within the last year and a half has brought light to the added value offered by online and digital tools and platforms within learning processes. Online formats are slowly transferred to blended formats where residential presence and the digital environments come together with the potential of maximising the learning effect. This training identifies the trends, explores the possibilities and equips participants with the necessary tools for this new era. 

The aim is to equip participants with the necessary competences including knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours but also approaches, tools, and methods that are necessary to implement activities within Erasmus+ Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps within an online and blended formats of learning.
The objectives include:
  • Identify and reflect over global challenges that affect learning environments
  • Define and understand online-offline and synchronous-asynchronous learning, intensive-extensive learning formats and blended learning as a result of combining different formats. 
  • Assess own digital competences and Increase knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours including meeting/discussion/debriefing facilitations, enforcing collective knowledge and peer learning, managing team online learning dynamics, face online challenges and conflicts, presentation and communication skills, self-assessment and evaluation, motivating inspiring and giving ownership to learning processes.
  • Create awareness on Digicomp and European Trainers Competence Model as the basis for the necessary competences needed in the field. 
  • Explore and practice (with a feedback process) small workshops using new digital and online tools and methods. 
  • Reflect on the role of trainers within online learning environments. 
  • Develop self-care approach of trainers and participants within online learning environments. 
  • Offer the space for  networking, synergizing, collaborating and exchanging.

The training is open for professional and volunteer youth workers, trainers, learning facilitators, team leaders, that would like to maximize the impact of their work by embracing the digitalisation era within learning. Participants are expected to commit fully to the timeline and activities of the training since the course will offer asynchronous (HOP) and synchronous (ZOOM) moments for interaction.
Participants must be over 18 years old.

The training starts on Friday 19th of November and ends Friday 17th of December. WIthin this timeline there will be 8 ZOOM sessions and 3 coaching moments but also the asynchronous activities in HOP. Please have an attentive look at the programme attached.