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An exciting online course that aims to equip youth workers with the competences they need to generate new ideas together with young people and bring innovative solutions to their communities. 

Are you looking for inspiration and new ways to reach out to young people? Look no further. This course will take you step-by-step into a journey through creativity, innovation and lots of fun


  • Understand the importance of innovation in the context of youth work.
  • Discover principles and strategies to foster innovation.
  • Experience several innovative methods and approaches.
  • Enhance your creative problem-solving skills.
  • Learn from existing innovative practices.

What can I expect from this MOOC?

  • Six hours of interactive content.
  • Ten videos and several texts with explanations of the principles behind innovation processes.
  • More than ten handouts and step-by-step tutorials.
  • Several forums to share and get inspiration from other practitioners.
  • Links to ideation resources for individuals and teams with all the necessary instructions.
  • Several tools for approaching and implementing wider innovation processes at the organisational level.
  • Guidelines on how to adapt these processes to different situations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Have a clear understanding of how innovation can transform your approach as a youth worker, enhance the effectiveness of your work, and create new opportunities for/with young people.

  2. Understand a range of principles, strategies, and best practices for promoting innovation within youth organisations, including fostering a culture of creativity, encouraging collaboration, and spotting new trends in youth work.

  3. Experience a range of practical and actionable innovation tools tailored explicitly for the youth field. Using these tools effectively to engage and empower young people, facilitate problem-solving, and drive positive change in your community.

  4. Develop your ability to think creatively and approach challenges from new angles, using techniques to generate innovative ideas, overcome obstacles, and navigate complex issues commonly faced by youth workers and youth organisations.

  5. Be able to adapt and apply innovative approaches to address specific challenges within your youth work context.

Target Group

Innovation Tools for Youth Workers and Youth Organizations was created for: 

  • Individual youth workers or teams (yes, you can do it as a group!);
  • Youth work management teams;
  • Volunteers;
  • Teachers and educators active in the youth field;
  • Individual youth leaders;
  • Partners in international youth work projects.

Type of Course: Self-paced
Last update: 10 November 2023
Course author and manager: Anita Silva
Course provider: Edulabs Project, Team Mais (Portugal), ANEV - The Association of Non-Formal Education (Czech Republic), HUMAK – University for Applied Sciences (Finland), YouthWatch (Slovakia). 
Course language: English. Transcripts, handouts and video subtitles are available in Portuguese, Finnish, Slovak, and Czech (find all transcripts and translations in chapter 0.6)
Requirements: none

Certificate: A certificate will be issued automatically once you complete all activities (forums require a post written to be marked as completed)

NOTE: Some learners have reported that an empty screen appears immediately after you enter the course. If that happens, please re-login to the HOP platform and search for the course on the "Courses" tab.