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Voicify training aims to build and develop the capacities of YREMASUD from self-led organizations in EU advocacy and political participation. With Voicify, we as YREMASUD organizations can advance our political participation in the European Union.

Voicify is building an inclusive Europe where young refugees, exiled, migrants, asylum seekers and undocumented, Y.R.E.M.A.S.U.D, can shape policies and decisions that affect them. 
Voicify learning objectives include:
  • To understand the theoretical and legal frameworks of YREMASUD political participation in relation to democracy and human rights and international/regional instruments. 
  • To understand the knowledge, skills, and tools behind structured political participation.
  • To develop and strengthen the necessary advocacy skills, with special focus on the CoE and the EU.
  • To support the development and implementation of specific national and European dissemination events and advocacy work and the final conference based on the policy recommendations through a structured mentorship process.
  • To develop an inclusive mentorship process with the participants and involving the European allies
  • To offer the space and activities to create meaningful and strategic relationships among the organizations.
  • To explore the possibilities of establishing an umbrella organization and other future institutional developments.
  • To empower the participants with competences and mentorship necessary to develop their organizations’ capacities.
  • To familiarize the advocates with the Voicify policy recommendations and the necessary knowledge and awareness of the recommendations’ contexts and implementation.
The program will be held online between October 2021 and May 2022, with two live sessions per month and some activities in between.