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The seminar's goal is to generate new strategies for dialogue and cooperation between museums and the youth work field. The seminar aims to create a meeting space for youth workers, young people, and museum professionals with the intention of reflecting upon their relationship and bringing them closer together.

Following the two previous editions of "Other Museums Generation: Youth at the Museums", the Spanish National Agency for Youth is organizing the seminar “Youth and Museums #MuseoJoven Seminar”.

  • Share experiences and analyse the challenges and opportunities in the collaboration between youth professionals, young people, and museums.
  • Collect experiences and ideas.
  • Collaboratively design guidelines and recommendations to bring museums closer to the youth population.
  • Generate synergies between the participants.

The methodology of the seminar will be based on Non-Formal Education (NFE). One of the principles of NFE is horizontal and peer learning, which means that knowledge is built collectively and trainers function as facilitators for the group process rather than as content providers. In these contexts, diversity of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives contribute to the group´s learning and development. We will learn through dialogue while encouraging critical thinking. NFE is a highly participatory methodology.