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The aim of this E-course:

  • To equip youth with basic mindfulness methods and techniques in order to support their wellbeing and mental health, efficiency, life coaching

The learning outcomes of the E-course

After completing the E-course participants will: 

  • Get familiar with mindfulness practice, its history, benefits and will be able to apply simple mindfulness practice in their everyday lives;
  • Be equipped with various mindfulness tools that can be used in personal and professional life; 
  • Increase the focus clarity of the mind and the ability to concentrate better by learning how to integrate meditation in their everyday life;
  • Develop an increased sense of well-being of the body, mind and heart;
  • Strengthen the skills of compassion and empathy towards oneself and others;
  • Connect in a healthier way to oneself, others and nature
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Explore their life purpose and career

Dear Learners,

We are welcoming you to our online course. This e-course was specially designed by a team of professional youth workers, psychologists, trainers, and mindfulness instructors from Greece and Italy. This is an outcome of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project "You(th) in the Moment".

Designed for youth this course has a specific goal: to equip young people with basic mindfulness knowledge and also useful tools to practice in their everyday lives.Your journey into mindfulness includes 6 modules:

MODULE 0 Introduction to the course - What to expect
MODULE I Mindfulness: concepts, history, mental health  (nervous system, emotional regulation, etc.)

MODULE II Mindful tips/hacks/pills: Short practices for daily life
MODULE III Mindfulness and nature
MODULE IV Mindful Career Orientation
MODULE V Mindful communication (mindful listening, talk)

We hope that the journey is a long one, full of adventures, full of discoveries.