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This course is designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs, youth workers, and young people with the necessary knowledge and tools to become successful entrepreneurs. With the support of 5 different partners from Europe, this online course on entrepreneurship offers everything that you would need to kick-start your entrepreneurship journey.

The course provides systematic information and guidance on the main steps of starting an entrepreneurial endeavor in the four selected sectors (social, green, digital, and cultural). You can expect to learn the basics of entrepreneurship and its four different sub-categories. 2020 marked the beginning of unprecedented health, economic, social, and cultural crises caused by the spread of COVID-19 throughout Europe and the whole world. 

The situation that has arisen placed new challenges in the socio-economic and cultural sectors. The economic recession has put unemployment rates high. The consequences of the lockdowns across Europe have created gaps in the education and training of young people and placed significant obstacles to their entry into the labor market. However, the creative minds of young people and entrepreneurs have found ways to cope with the current situation and create positive value out of it.

The project Young Entrepreneurship in Time of Crisis (YETC) aims to facilitate youth activism and foster an entrepreneurial mindset through networking, sharing best practices, and developing innovative NILF tools. The project results will help young people overcome the uncertainty caused by the unstable socio-economic situation across Europe and create a positive value by filling the gaps and promoting new entrepreneurial endeavors. The YETC project addresses the needs of young people and youth workers in finding the realization of their ideas and initiatives through entrepreneurship and active participation.