Przejdź do głównej zawartości

This course is for representatives of municipalities and youth organisations from rural areas, youth workers who work in rural areas around Europe and are interested in exploring the opportunities that the European Solidarity Corps Programme is bringing to these communities.

Municipality youth centres, youth organisations and youth councils based in rural areas are often facing many challenges when organising local or international youth projects, in order to support young people from their community, since they are lacking human resources and new fresh ideas.

The European Solidarity Programme is giving many potential opportunities to those organisations and youth workers to support their rural communities. ESC Programme aims to foster solidarity in European society, engaging young people and organisations in accessible and high-quality solidarity activities. It is a way for organisations to address societal challenges and to give young people the opportunity to learn and develop their potential. On the other hand, young people can bring fresh and inspiring ideas to your organisation.

Through this training course, we will explore all opportunities that the ESC Programme is bringing to organisations that work in rural communities. The online transnational NET Activity "Rural areas, challenges and solidarity”, organised by the Hellenic National Agency Erasmus+/ Youth & European Solidarity Corps, aims, through its 5 (five) sessions,  to enable participants to develop their knowledge upon the European Solidarity Corps Programme and discover its possibilities for their communities.

Hellenic National Agency of the Erasmus:+ and European Solidarity Corps Programmes organise this course for selected participants during 28 February - 14 March 2022. Contact for questions: Natassa Dedousi, NET Officer,

Aim: To enable participants to develop their knowledge of the European Solidarity Corps Programme and discover its possibilities for their rural communities.

  • Enable attendees to better understand the European Solidarity Corps Programme and explore its possibilities and benefits in rural areas that exist through it.
  • Disseminate the European Solidarity Corps Programme to areas in need, facing challenges
  • Discover, collect and share good practices of solidarity actions in Europe and learn more about opportunities given through other programmes and initiatives.
  • Support participants to express the challenges they face concerning their area, create an alliance to face them through solidarity and to exchange good practices for resolving them through the Programme

Participants’ profile: This course is for representatives of municipalities in rural areas, youth workers working or wishing to work in rural areas, members of youth councils and representatives of organisations that are active in such communities who are interested in getting engaged in the Programme.

Recognition of learning: Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate and will be introduced to the Badge system as a unique way for the recognition of mentors' competences towards their personal development.

Trainers’ team: The team of trainers, Nerijus Kriauciunas,  Olga Kyriakidou and Konstantinos Stergiou will support participants’ learning and training.