Przejdź do głównej zawartości

This online international training course is for trainers active in the youth field interested in developing their capacity to support meaningful youth participation and influence in democratic life inline with the  European Youth Participation Strategy goals and with the support and collaboration of their respective National Agencies during the preparation, delivery, and follow-up phases the course.

The SNAC “New Power in Youth” is a strategic partnership of nine National Agencies and three SALTO Resource Centres which aims to foster youth civic engagement and participation in democratic life. This Training of Trainers supports this aim by empowering and increasing the competencies of trainers on Youth Participation, in the frame of the EU Youth Strategy, the new programme cycle of Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps, and the Youth Participation Strategy. 
The National Agencies involved in SNAC will support and collaborate with trainers participating during the preparation, delivery, and follow-up of this training course.
This educational opportunity in its entirety (online training course with synchronous and asynchronous elements, plus follow-up coaching) will seek to further and systematically carry the provisions of the European Youth Participation Strategy forward especially through the enhancement of the National Strategies for Participation and also through the participants’ future involvement within the (inter)national youth work and training field. 
  • Get a deeper understanding of the European Youth Participation Strategy and its role within the EU Youth Strategy (2019 - 2027) and the European Youth Goals.
  • Elaborate on, exchange and analyze concepts and practices focused on youth participation, whether in its conventional or ‘alternative’ forms.
  • Map youth participation challenges and identify further training and support needs.
  • Develop training concepts and methodologies aiming to improve youth participation within the Programmes (E+: Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps) and beyond.
  • Discover future opportunities to support SNAC strategic partnership activities.
  • Cultivate a culture of collaboration and networking among participants (trainers) to enrich their future work with their respective National Agencies and beyond.