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The “Value Fair 2020 Hybrid” is the 2nd international edition organised for youth workers and educators. This edition focuses on 5 particular values: Empathy, Equity, Sustainability, participation and inclusion.
Last update: 1st September 2020
Team of Trainers: Ana Rita Camará, Simona Molari, Jo Claeys, Konstantinos Stergiou
Course provider: Hellenic National Agency of Erasmus+
Course duration: 01/09/2020 - 30/10/2020
Course language: English
Requirements: none
Target group: Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth policy makers

The objectives of the Value Fair 2020 Hybrid
  • Promotion of value based thinking and acting.
  • Creating a unique opportunity for all involved to create something meaningful towards values.
  • Aiming that the tool provokes discussions, debates, thoughts, … within the different educational contexts: youth work, schools, families, friend groups etc.
  • Reinforcing the recent increased attention given to value-based work and better living together.
  • To be concretely used on international youth projects (e.g. youth exchanges and others) to raise awareness towards young people of ‘values’ and how to translate them into practice.
  • To promote critical thinking towards the ‘use’ of values in daily life, and this in a variety of spheres (community, political, educational, media etc)

Online and offline dimensions of the Value Fair:
There are 2 different dimensions to this Value Fair 2020 Hybrid. Not only our online meetings, but also the concrete creation and production of an offline educational tool.
Online dimension
  • Our closed learning community group is indeed on this HOP platform. Several educational adventures will be happening in the coming weeks. Your engagement on this platform is based upon your own choice, availability and interest. The HOP platform will be our “home” where to exchange materials, information, and all the needed resources.
  • We will have 4 ‘plenary’ moments (synchronous work) , using Zoom. Besides guest speaker(s), we will also have break out rooms, open spaces, sharing and networking. These meetings are a condense format of each time maximum 3 hours
Offline dimension
An “open educational resource”: a card deck of 100 cards covering 5 different categories (provocative statements, make a choice, facts and figures, debate questions etc), and gamified in order to use with a variety of groups and in diverse contexts (youth field, families, different educational sectors, social business etc).
The creation this offline tool will be developed together in different languages, through a cooperative online process involving online meetings and offline work. The tool will be produced in hard copy (yes… printed!!)  and will be sent to each of us in two copies. 1 card deck in English language, and another in an available language of your choice. The main format is defined already, the content we create together.

You will also have the opportunity to contribute to the visibility and dissemination campaign (online and offline). This tool will be made widely available online (e.g. in the SALTO Toolbox) as an Open Educational Resource for the international educator’s community.