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This is a Massive Open Online Course on the quality of local youth councils. It's meant for stakeholders connected to the framework of local youth councils (young people who are part of the structures or want to become a part, youth workers, local decision makers). It is open to everyone worldwide.

The MOOC consists of 7 modules:

MODULE 1 – Introduction to Youth Participation

MODULE 2 – Introduction to Local Youth Councils

MODULE 3 – Impact of Local Youth Councils

MODULE 4 – Local Youth Councils: Overcoming challenges 

MODULE 5 – Use of Social Media in Local Youth Councils

MODULE 6 – Inclusion and Outreach

MODULE 7 – Evaluation and Reflection

Each module will follow the same structure:

I.     Content (videos, publications, presentations, articles, etc.)

II.     Assignment (task for you to do and post in the forum)

It's a self-paced MOOC - all modules are opened at once and will be accessible to anyone who enrols anytime until the course is open.