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This self-paced course is for course authors and facilitators, who would like to develop their first online course on the HOP platform. It introduces the basics of course design and leads you through three steps: planning, creating and publishing.

ENROLMENT: If you are part of our target group (see below!) and would like to enrol, please contact Tomasz Szopa (SALTO EECA):

What is this course about?

"HOP! Plan, create and publish your first online course" introduces you to course design, It leads you through three steps to get your course online and support you in planning, creating and publishing your course on the HOP Online Learning platform.
In this course you will:
 › get to know a step-by-step guideline will help you to learn how to plan, create and publish your online course,
 › discover the possibilities of the HOP Online Learning platform and resources it offers to deliver your learning content, and 
 › be able to reflect on quality aspects of non-formal learning and international youth work in online learning environment.

Content overview
 › Online Learning 101
 › Co-ordinating and Designing Online Courses
 › Quality aspects of Non-formal Online Learning
 › Planning, Creating and Publishing Online Courses | Step-by-step
 › The HOP Online Learning Platform
 › Facilitating Online Learning
 › and many more...

Who is this course for? 

This course is for course co-ordinators as well as course authors/facilitators with the support from course provider, e.g. National Agencies of Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps, SALTO Resource Centers or Organisations, who would like to use the HOP platform within an key action 2 project.

What will you get from this?

If you follow through this course, you will have your online course published on the HOP platform!

How to register/enrol for this course?

Please contact Tomasz Szopa (SALTO EECA), the HOP administrator, via if you want to enrol into this course:


Course author and manager: Michael Kimmig
Course provider: SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus
Course duration: self-paced (approx. 4-5 hours / module, five course modules for the course content)
Course language: English
Target group: authors and facilitators of online courses
Requirements: support from course provider (NA's of Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps, SALTO Resource Centers or KA2 and KA3 consortiums)
Learning recognition: Badges

Last update: 15 December 2021